Make Move/Roll/Rotate Indicators Reliable

Jouster500 shared this feedback 2 years ago

I am trying to get reliable information on the key presses a user sends in Ship Controllers in multiplayer for a script I'm developing. When one client is in a controller, all indicators report correctly. When another person enters a controller while the first is still in, things start to get a little weird, and indicators begin to not report anything. Changing the ordering of who enters which cockpits is inconsistent with other orderings.

Perhaps as a fix clients can always send their vectors, but the server chooses not to do anything with them?

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^ I'd like to see this fixed. Would open up more scripting potential if this issue could be fixed. (PS, Your script is great. Keep up the good work.)


Played around with OP's script for a few hours in SP and it was awesome. Was able to get cool things done. Tried to use script in my MP server but no luck. Looks like this request would allow the script to call info that isn't there in MP game game. Would be nice to do this. I would prefer to get tasks done with in-game scripts over mods.

ps i voted for you guys for steam awards! ;)

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