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Make manipulation tool vanilla

Santibag shared this feedback 3 years ago

This mod by Jimmacle allows to carry small objects with hands. It still works with some bugs but some bugs are making it unusable. It could be nice if it was implemented in vanilla.

It was allowing to carry some small grids up to 6000kg and floating objects like components. There are tons of places that this can be used.

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I was wondering why we don't have that in physics based game... Definietly one of top ideas!

Together with this could completely change way we build/modify ships and stations.

Marek Rosa alone keeps repeating that he wants to give players feel that they are actually interacting with stuff... He even mentioned hand weapons (hl2 crowbar anyone? ).

This 'manipulation tool' would be in my opinion the ultimate best step to take to improve immersion and give feel of connection to game world.

Maybe 6000kg is a bit too much... I think limit should be somewhere around heaviest small grid block that is not too big ( battery maybe ?)


Hello, Engineers!

This feature will not be added to Space Engineers, but it might appear in one of our future games or as DLC.


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