Make Lightning a little less wrath of god and more random

Boldtaar shared this feedback 7 months ago

Can we make lightning fell a little less like some vengeful god has it out for you?

Even with decoys on a small ship you are doom when lightning is specifically targeting you and you cockpit.

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I totally agree with this, lightning really is like a vengeful god that is out to get you. It is the biggest problem I have in the game right now, because of its 100% chance to target the player.

If I'm inside my base it will keep hitting the same spot over and over to get to me, until it punches a hole through all the armor blocks I've placed. If I'm in a vehicle the first strike always hits the cockpit I'm in so it can get me.

The game is unplayable during lightning storms, I always log out of the server and wait for it to be over, there is no other way. Decoys do not work.