Make Hinges optionally Angle Driven

Josija Hvalic shared this feedback 3 months ago

Hinges are probably most used like servo motors. Servo motors are angle driven, because that is what you mostly want to do. You want to be able to say: Set the door to 90°. Set the door back to 0°. This is the standard use case for Hinges next to the unpowered mechanical hinge state.

(As which they are very usefull already)

So how to go about it? Just add a tickbox "Servo Mode" to all hinges, when ticked, a slider to set the target angle is made accesible. Then the rotor just rotates in the direction of the target angle at the set speed and torque (maybe a separate "Servo max speed" slider is necessary).

You could even add this servo mode to all rotors, this would be AMAZING.

I use all rotors as servos 90% of the time. (This is also visible in your trailers, your designers and the whole community uses them as servos most of the time.)

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Might as well have the same for rotors so that one is not limited to ±90° but, say, ±180°, ±360°, …


Being able to set a position target would be great, rather than trying to drive it into the limits (irl thats always considered bad)