Make Cryo useful again - Let me exit from body in one cryo and enter body in another cryo

Akuukis shared this feedback 4 years ago

The problem: Cryos are practically useless, but has so much potential.

  • Offline: Currently it makes much more sense to dump all inventory in cargo and just die instead of seeking Cryos when logging off.
  • Crew: Usually during the travel only the pilot has something interesting to do, and not always, but when landed then crew is very useful to help. So crew never goes along because that's boring. Furthermore, it's more than annoying to have all-or-nothing stakes while traveling somewhere because buggy or stupid deaths happen and then the ship is left out there alone. Especially problematic with small, but even not all large grids make sense to have the super-expensive medbay on them.
  • Long-distance travel: The basic idea of Cryo for long-distance travel is broken - why should I sit in cryo instead of just sitting in cockpit, if I can't do anything else anyways during that time? Again, waiting is boring.

Suggestion: Make Cryo to store a engineer body, like currently, BUT allow me to exit that body and return to respawn screen. Furthermore, add such "loaded" cryos to respawn screen as valid respawn options (with no-share, faction-share and public share as with medbays). Also, keep cryos considerably cheaper than medbays, and add for small grid too. That would save two of problems above:

  • Crew: I can take my crew with me, cryo-ed and ready to spawn-in whenever action will start, while in meantime they can continue to work on whatever they were doing. Furthermore, I can have a spare "loaded" cryo for myself just as backup plan in case of buggy or stupid death. From the other side, it now makes sense to have a empty cryo at basically any station/ship, because if my mates want to rally up at me they would like to leave the current body nearby, so afterwards they could easily resume whatever they were doing. No downtime, no waiting, and more people being present where the most action happens.
  • Long-term travel: This build upon the point above - I can set the course, leave the ship at max speed on timer and rest myself at cryo to focus my time on other matters. Later when ship should have arrived at destination, I can wake up from cryo and continue piloting the ship.

To summarize, focusing around cryos as one-time, cheap and expendable respawn points, while leaving medbays very restricted (I'd suggest to make them "station only"), would bring less downtime and waiting, while keeping things in balance. Even more than that - it opens up new PvP strategic and tactical possibilities - like intercepting enemy "sleeper" ships, or creating "boarding" ships with plenty of cryos, and in any other way make both lives and deaths more meaningful and less all-or-whatever like.

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I can imagine such transfering only if there is a direct connection between grids with cryo: antenna/anzible or mb conveyors :) Otherwise, this functionality looks pretty doubtful.

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Give technology EVE ONLINE


I wish there was a "dislike this feedback" button.

Cryopods serve as a way to log off without dying. This game is set 60 years in the future, not 10,000 years. We won't be cloning ourselves and waking up in different bodies.

I'd rather we nerf the game to stop people from just death respawning to go different places. Perhaps a limited number of deaths before your stuff is destroyed, or perhaps some kind of resource that is consumed and very hard to get every time your respawn and once its out you can't respawn.

Cryo pods weren't meant for anything except logging off. I use them while waiting for stuff to finish assembling or smelting and minimize the game to watch anime or whatever.


Beat me to it Vadum, ty.

I would like if Keen improved the logging off aspect of the cryo pod though. Currently when logging out the server still registers the person in cryo as an active player. Thus the whole area nearby remains rendered in and loaded as if someone was there. This results in major server lag after awhile.


Yes, that feature should be changed. Cry should not keep an area loaded. There is a way to cheat this effect by catching up when a user logs in. The instant you're in cryo, and you log off. The ship takes a snapshot of power usage, oxygen supply, etc. And when you log back in, if you were logged out for say, an hour, it burns an hour's worth of O2 and if its not enough you die, if there wasn't enough energy, you die.

It would also need to be advanced enough to check the contents of your refinery and assembler, and determine the remaining time before those jobs shut down and remove the power those use from the calculation after that duration has elapsed.

Or simply, shut everything down but the cryo pod and power facilities and calculate based on pod usage, O2 and energy. It catches up every time the ship is loaded, so if someone flies within range of it, it reverts back to normal usage and catches up. Once the user inside the pod dies, it reverts back to game default, an unloaded ship in an unloaded area.

Lastly, we could just set a time limit for pods, after 3 days of not logging in, the user's contents get put inside the cryopod and he dies. This setting woulf be configurable of course so you could say set 7 days or 0 for infinite.

I've provided multiple options for improvement here. Hopefully one of them is good. Now I just need people to upvote my feedback here. xD


The less-complicated way to do this would be to fix it with a "suits" update, so that medbays and survival kits can make suits to be used for spawning in. This eliminates the issue with cryo pods and provides some other fixes, like a reason to use a medbay over a cheaper, smaller survival kit.


I can imagine such transfering only if there is a direct connection between grids with cryo: antenna/anzible or mb conveyors :) Otherwise, this functionality looks pretty doubtful.

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