Make Astronaut Suits a Craftable Item that take Resources to make

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Custom or tiered suits for role based play (Role as in function - miner, combat, construction, etc.) on a server where they may have different inventory, armor/healthe, etc. can be OP since they have no resource cost associated.

Tiered Suits would be nice for vanilla play would be nice too...


  • Suits would have component requirements in the Assembler.
  • Suits in a conveyor or in the Astronaut Inventory would be listed in the Wardrobe of the Medbay.
  • Other Suits would be Greyed out and not selectable.
  • Deaths in a custom suit would default to the astronaut suit, with the suit being recoverable from a corpse.
  • Damage to suits would be a nice thing to have with a repair tool or block that can repair them, specifically for suits.
  • Default suit could be set on the Server/Client, via the Admin Panel (allows for a no jetpack default on Planets)
  • Suit Production and equipping could be expanded to individual suit parts (Backpack, Helmet, Boots, Gloves, etc. with all health cumulative but the "backpack" part containing the O2/H2 capabilities and the "suit" part containing the Inventory.

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Also, make them modular so that you can tailor the suits to your current needs. Updates to parts of the suit rise in resource cost per level (just as the character tools).


yes plz :D we need some stuff like cloth and ducktape too! xD


you can also give specialized suits say one for atmo that has vents to draw O2 from the air of mars or the alien planet and atmo thrusters that dont use hydrogen or a space speaclized suit that allows for better over all movement but doesnt take hydrogen and cant be used in atmo


I would also like to be able to put on an FSTC jump suit that has no jet pack or oxygen/helmet. If I'm going to go on a space walk I should have to go craft one and put it on. Perhaps my primary role is to operate functions inside a station or craft and only rarely do I need to go out in space. More specifically, the jump suit should be my starting uniform in a station or spacecraft. Just because I can use a jetpack indoors doesn't mean I should.


Split suit from (equippable) EVA pack, oxygen pack ...

Tools should not take place in inventory ...

etc ...


very cool idea!!


It is a great idea expecially if the different suits provide different trade-offs. as highlighted by the OP I would also separate the Backpack (life suppport and cargo) from the Jetpack. Jetpacks for EVA in 0g, and for use down a gravity well have different requirements

Armour vs Cargo vs Agilty and Speed vs Resource (H2, O2, Power) Consumption vs Resource Storage Capacity

Some raw ideas:

  • A work/mining suit with lots of power and cargo but that does not fit in a small ship cockpit and flight seat.
  • A combat suit with lots of armour but near zero cargo, or cargo limited to small items or just ammo, tools etc ..
  • An simple jumpsuit to work in pressurized environment that lest you weld and grind faster, jump higher, and has no power and oxygen limitations and lots of cargo (supposedly in a tool bag). There should be a distinctive benefit for working in a pressurized environment


We need suits to be revisited as part of making survival worth playing. There are a lot of things they need to be able to do and they are also (as far as I know) unmoddable right now due to being hard coded. We need to be able to tweak health, movement speed, capacity, etc and have them provide different roles for people on the ground. An engineer that meets a defence turret is completely useless in the current iteration of the game, for instance.

But you also need to have a reason to be without a suit as well. Air tightness is effectively a completely superfluous feature without the need to actually take the suit off or conserve energy or something to that effect.

Diversity of suits, roles and a reason to take them off is NECESSARY for this game to evolve in the direction of on-the-ground gameplay.

I agree with some suggestions above as well as to the notion of some items diferrentiating in their size so that you may not be able to hold them at all in personal inventory. That's brilliant. Transport vehicles ALSO need a reason to exist and that is it.



I would be pleased to see craftable suits for different environments.

Like this some special suits could become a necessity to reach some planets.

For example : if I want to go to mars, I must craft a «marsian» suit. The basic suit could work but could get continuous damages, like this we would be «invited» to craft special suits.


I would like to see the suit's craftable too add's another layer to start scenario's spawn with no suit, no tools etc.

Even if the suits are hard coded there could be tiers of suit's with tailored stats and health

Mining Suit - Slower Jet pack, But increased inventory

Combat Suits - More HP/Minimal inventory

Mechanic Suits - Normal speed Jet Pack/ Increased power storage/ Medium inventory

No Suit/fresh planet/station spawn - no power/ new hand tool (a torch)

you either have to craft or find equipment would also be good if these items had health status possibly find damaged items and the ability to either scrap or repair depending on what resources you have available

if you get hit by turret's it damages the suit first restricting you from using it in vacuum or partial loss of jet pack functionality.


Combat suits should absorb the damage until it is broken and then it will leak and you will run out of oxygen and take damage. could be fun. Also scrap metal from the bullets hitting your suit, maybe. but with the combat suits you might choose a few classes of suits like a slow tank or a quick scout with the right HP given to them.

this would be some R6 stuff in SE.... (maybe not but fully modular would save the devs work and balancing)


I don't know about you, but I have the new and improved version of green slime in my suit so it is self sealing. But yes... As a good suit is critical to survival, it would only be natural that you would have to maintain, augment, and upgrade to suit specific needs. (up-voted)

As it is now the cow suit is udderly useless to me!


It’s a great idea to add several costumes for different needs: combat, engineering, cargo ... but don’t get carried away and add useless content to the game.

In addition, i believe that it is also not necessary to divide the costume into different parts - let it remain one whole set. It is better to add separate slots in a suit for "modules": oxygen and hydrogen balloons, batteries, and possibly tools, while the "modules" will be of different levels and not all suits will support high-level modules.

I didn’t like the idea that the costume could be picked up from the corpse of the character and do not need the possibility of repair: it is easier to assemble a new one and the old one (if it was not lost) - to rework in the assembler or other device that produces these suits (the medical unit would fit perfectly). Changing the suit and its modules only in the medblock (or other specialized unit) in order to avoid various abuses.

Some of the sentences described above were partly inspired after reading:

and many other.


it would be nice if we could take off the suit and have clothes too


There's a cool variety of suits they could add to the game:

Suit that uses Atmospheric Engines

  • Only Works in Atmospheres
  • More efficient in atmospheres than normal suit
  • Uses Electricity, Greater Electricity Supply

Ion Suit

  • Effectively useless above .25 Gravity
  • Uses Electricity, greater Electricity Supply in Suit

Combat Suit

  • Heavy, reducing thrust efficiency
  • Smaller Inventory Space
  • Less Energy
  • Far more health

Survival Suit

  • Similar to default suit
  • Small Solar for self power regen
  • Larger Oxygen/Hydrogen tank
  • Very Heavy, extremely ineffective in Gravity

Freight Courier Suit

  • Extra large cargo capacity
  • Reduced Fuel, Oxygen and Energy Supply


How is this not considered yet , its a great idea , clothes is also a cool idea


Modules would actually work better here.

Body Module:

  • Bulletproof Plating (extra health, effectively)
  • Expanded Backpack
  • Spare Batteries
  • Spare O2
  • Spare H2
  • Internalized Autodoc (auto-regen)
  • Solar Array?

Jetpack Module:

  • Ion Pack
  • Hydro Pack
  • Atmo Pack
  • Maybe put the solar array here?
  • Some other bonus that you can get for not having a jetpack?

Any maybe all of these decrease run speed a bit, so that just going unequipped is good in some situations.


The ultimate point is that within the Survival gameplay loop there needs to be a reason to take your suit off or to need to. There must be some incentive to use the suits. It needs a loop of its own. Every aspect of the game needs survival support or it becomes meaningless. Strengths and weaknesses on suits is a huge one.

Of course as a game part of the problem is that Space Engineers has essentially infinite resources once you're mildly equipped. Tweak that, tweak suits and you've got it.


I think we don;t need advanced siuts with a lot of modules. Simple 3-5 siuts will be fine.

Armored siut (4 fight, low cargo space , bigger armor) , Cargo siut (4 building , high cargo space ,low armor) , Stanfard siut (default on start, most universal one) and its all

New features like change siut posibility will be great. Presurized ships will be more valuable.

Anyway simpler ideas are easier to realize and can be in public version faster. :)


In addition it’d be cool to have uniform/boiler suits, which could lets us crawl into tighter spaces, but would not have the ability to protect us from the environment (cold/vacuum/toxic atmosphere/weather)


I tried to make a suit mod once that did some different stuff, but apparently health is hard coded so I couldn't give players battle armor or anything. Just more carry capacity and different flying speeds.


I think the suits should be unrecoverable on death. By mid-game even the "expensive" Elite tools are trivial to craft en masse and it's often not hard to recover them anyway on death.

The suits should be expensive, powerful, and unrecoverable. It'll *finally* make dying a penalty.

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