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Puruska37 shared this feedback 3 years ago

"Continue Game" button from main page behavior could be improve:

When game load it pre-select "continue game" and display the game name and thumbnail which is great.


When I go into another menu and I come back it's not pre-selected anymore and I can't know which game is under it, if I press it it enter immediately that game which I sometime don't remember which one it was.

Possible change option:

1) have it always display the game always,

2) Or Make it so if we press it when it was not highligh is just highlight it and you need to press again to enter the game.

3) Or find any other solution that would let us know in advance which game we actually continuing.

This is minor issue but would be appreciated if improved.

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Continue Game button : Continue your last game

simple doesnt work. Its loading the last game, its loading the game before.

I just started on a random server and didnt write down the name or ip. Then server restarts, Game updated and continue game did not load the last game.

So now i have no clue which server it was.

And again this button is not doing what it should do, right ?


This is still a problem, under some circumstances the 'continue game' option does not load or connect the correct saved game or server.

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