Live Camera Feed To LCD Screens!

Ákos Geleta shared this feedback 9 months ago

Dear Community!

I have an idea for your next or future updates.

The situation is, a player (name him Bob), so Bob can display

First of all: Nothing

Secondly: Text and Images

And Finally: Scripts

To an LCD panel, or corner panel, or text panel, either transparent LCD, these kinds of screens. Or... not only these screen types if there is anything else kind of screen in the game. (But I saw nothing else apart from those)

Whatever. So. My idea is... What if Bob can display camera feed to his screen?

Let's say... Any available camera feeds to any available screen.

From I may so, in the Scripts menu.

And if Bob could project Texts and Images, Scripts, and I hope from now on; Live camera feed through Antennas, that would be just A-W-E-S-O-M-E too.

For example, I have a small grid. Let's call it a spaceship.

Imagine, that in case of a standard cockpit (not the fight one, not the industrial one either), I have 4 LCDs, and the keyboard LCD replaced by a live landing camera feed. How amazing would that one be?

Or, examine a space station. A large grid.

Wouldn't it be amazing to inspect all of your rooms, or runways, or premises from one - Not terminal, Not a cockpit, Not a control station; - but a wall of a Panic Room or Security Room?

Obviously a wall full of screens, I have to admit it; but wouldn't that be amazing?

Bob hasn't to do that boring and time-consuming camera by camera searching in the Control Panel menu, 'till he finds the wanted camera view from a TeRmInAl.

Or either from a cockpit.

And, you could say;

Yeah, but whyyy all this sh*tting around, when you could just:

Set up a control station,

With the G key, you can bring your wanted camera view to the Hotbar

And then just hop in, and select the one, you wanna see

That's simple. Why bother bröther?

Firstly... There is a need to create. [*wink, *wink] Which was always existed, and will always exist.

Secondly... The Control Station or Cockpit types of solutions are fair enough, but you as a user or designer, builder, AND user can still screw it up from the Hotbar. (I said that from own experience.)

So it will be soo much cooler, and easier to handle a spacecraft, a huge land vehicle, or maintain active security surveillance over a base, station, or anything else. Which could save you, and your building's lives or you comrade's lives in many cases, let's face that.

Anyways, if I could start just one tiny spark in your minds, please vote on this topic.


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There was actually a mod for this, but KSH broke it about two years ago and the creator has not had the time/energy to fix it :(


I'm appalled at how few votes this has with the amount of people begging Tysis to update his mod that did just this:

Unfortunately it's not possible to add this with a simple mod anymore. Would be amazing to see it implemented natively into the game!


It is possible, but that was never a simple mod; that entry on the Steam workshop was just to add the terminal controls, the actual code was in a plugin (Client Extender) that you had to install alongside the game.It allowed you to write frames to textures and had a priority queue system so it would never drain your FPS more than you allowed it, and you could give client-side priority to cameras; if you're in a big battle with a bunch of different people who also use LCD feeds then, from your perspective, yours would be updated first and fastest regardless.


Hi Darian

Can you make this happen for us then please? :)


Its totally doable, albeit a lot of effort. I would really like to see this added! PLEASE KEEN!