Let us toggle Edges for armor blocks

Lukas D shared this feedback 4 years ago

A lot of people don't like armor edges and use one of the many mods on the workshop to disable them. I prefer to remove the edges as well but I also think they have a useful place in the game and I wish we could choose where to use them and where to hide them.

It would be a great idea if we could 'paint' the edges on and off for individual blocks just like we do for armor skins or colour.

Please consider adding a way to do this.

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I typically run into this when using Heavy-Light composite armor layouts and it's very annoying because either I have these edges all over my slopes or have to use extra heavy armor. The edges are kind of unimportant because the textures are different and don't line up when side by side. Honestly I think the textures for the armor don't make much sense to begin with but those edges are a total eyesore, especially on small grid craft.


100% support this.


It would be nice to have the option to choose if an armor block has edges or not.

Or even for armor blocks to have nice edges to begin with.

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