Less frequent DLCs in the future, Space engineers for oculus craft, and adult swim advertising.

Michael Herbert Wineberger shared this feedback 2 years ago

I noticed that a lot of people aren’t so fond of the amount of DLC‘s and honestly I think the amount of DLC‘s are just good as it is. I’m very sure that people are concerned about an increasing number of DLC‘s and personally I don’t really care too much about that. However I do think that the amount of DLC‘s is getting a little bit ridiculous it should probably start pretty soon. I recommend you bring it to vr like the space engineers team wants to try to see you but then decided to quit on. Personally I would love this idea and I find it very amazing especially since I do have VR. I would also recommend advertising this game on adult swim at night because a lot of teenagers would be on during that time watching adult swim and they would be pretty interested in this game or at least some of them but then again there’s a lot of people in this world these days.

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There is only a very small percentage of players that are actually upset about updates and DLCs. They just happen to be extremely vocal.

Although playing SE in a VR environment would be extremely cool, I hope Keen does not bring SE to any new platforms (such as Occulus). Every new platform a game supports, reduces game development as resources are divided to support the new platform. The code becomes another order of magnitude more complex (while team sizes generally do not grow to compensate), and feature development, bugfixes, and DLCs all suffer (either in reduced frequency, or reduced content).

Advertising on Adult Swim is a great idea. YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok would also be pretty good routes. Maybe even on services like OkCupid, Tinder, etc.


YouTube has ads?



Sounds like a good idea!

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