Laser Designator Block

Comrade Jenkens shared this feedback 4 months ago

This idea came to me while browsing scripts on Steam. I've noticed that many of them use the targeting feature of the various turrets and link their features to that. Radar scripts, guided missile scripts, and more all use this method.

A laser designator block for small and large ships would be nice to have in order to fill this function in a more elegant manner. It could work in an identical manner to the current vanilla turrets, but do no damage by itself. Scripts could them link to it in the same way as they do to turrets. It could also have a significantly longer range than the base game turrets.

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You have requested a vanilla item whose only purpose is to provide functionality to workshop scripts that only function in experimental mode. O.o

If you are using workshop scripts in experimental mode, why not also use a workshop mod that provides a designator? There are several available.


It could have other uses in vanilla if it could trigger actions.

For example if enemy comes in range it could trigger: alert sounds, close outer door, fold in solar panels.