Keen Discord: Arturus - Told me to submit this here - Remove Family Sharing

ToothRot shared this feedback 3 months ago

Hello.. would like to suggest keen disallow family sharing of space engineers.. if for example wanted to let my dad play.. he could play but on another server using my account. The family sharing has given rise to alt accounts racking up huge pcu for 1 player.. true.. I could have some other player on another server to hold grids.. but this is still working with actual players and requires diplomacy and teamwork.. alt accounts is greedy because it's all "me me me"

[12:50 PM]

Recommend that when family share is disabled.. all blocks ownes by shared members are removed leaving only the main owners blocks

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The PCU limits are supposed to allow the server to be more stable. Especially with Xbox servers, PC users enter these servers to create multi account ships with insane PCU levels and use their better PC performance as an advantage to destroy Xbox users. When their monster ships approached the xbox player has a reduced performance and is simply murdered. Additionally, the multi account combined PCU ships allow large scale drilling, welding, and grinding beyond normal ship block limits that cause an entire server to shut down while they are running (Players running 12, 16, or more drills and welders at a time). The multi account people set up cabals of bullying and grief new players. Even more than performance, they use their multi account advantage to control an area like the moon (Example is Armada faction in EOS US #2). Family sharing is horrible for server performance and culture.


I upvoted this already a couple of days ago, but figured a comment may do more good.

As someone who played on official servers, I refused to jump on the PCU sharing bandwagon when that was a thing (IDK why it was a thing though). Now you got people who are too used to 200k PCU, eagerly finding the next PCU exploit (even with the PCU increase from 10k to 20k, and this was it: free alt accounts (again, IDK why this is a thing).

I got two suggestions to deal with those people:

1: develop and give helpful PCU conservation tips (like using more large thrusters or less lights)

2: reassess the PCU value of all blocks (EG: why does a conveyor tube use as much PCU as a junction, or even a cargo container?)