Jumping gates

Micle shared this feedback 3 years ago

I would only agree to the jump gate.

The construction of such a gate is very effective from a strategic point of view.

It is useful for drones, players, NPCs.

Perhaps this is plagiarism, but I am inspired by the potential of this game and the possibilities

EVE & Kerbal

Suggest ideas on how to do this using existing blocks.

You may need to transfer the jump engines to another mode and place them in a certain way as in Minecraft

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I like the idea of this for a long-term server. It adds a new end-game thing to build that opens up interesting strategies in faction wars, as well as making a multi-planet space-faring faction practical. Obviously, the power draw of such a device should be huge, but it would be really cool to have a need for enormous batteries and reactor setups. It would also give factions something meaningful to defend that they couldn't just jump away from danger.


Jump gate block would be good possibly small grid only there are many jump gates built on the workshop but all are only acceleration gates with grav gens the idea of a functioning jump gate is popular as per workshop link but none are truly functional there used to be a teleport ship beacon but this mod has been abandoned for some time workshop link this would be good if exploring with a small ship at the beginning as gates could be found and jumping to someones station for pvp or possibly NPC encounters spawn at receiving jump gates potential risk to using jump gates in small ships for PVE.