Is there something wrong with the logic of the game, or with mine?

John Smith shared this feedback 7 months ago

First, it's a great game.

I believe it was created by very creative people who have the same feelings when exploring as I do when I play it. And after many days, when I first went into space, I experienced incredible sensations, and I thanked all the developers of this game for this.

But I have a question.

I am playing in survival mode. My goal in the game is to roughly repeat the experience of mankind in conquering space. I think that something similar was conceived by the developers, as I see it from the mechanics of the game.

1. Launch an unmanned satellite into orbit (find the moon)

2. Go out into space.

3. Make a space station.

4. Send a satellite to the moon

5. Send the rover to the moon

6. Land on the moon

And so on...

And then I ran into a problem. I want to first launch a satellite for exploration into the orbit of the Moon, then I would like to send a second satellite with a lunar rover and lower it to the Moon. And only then, having explored the Moon with the help of the lunar rover, I would have flown to the Moon myself to a certain place where there is ice and resources and would have built a base.

In reality, I can calculate a flight to the moon and launch a satellite with a laser antenna to it, set up an automatic station there, and then use it to send rovers and satellites to the moon and control them. But how can I do this in the game, I don't understand.

According to the logic of the game, I have to fly to the moon myself and install an antenna there, then return to earth, establish a connection with it, and start sending satellites to it. But if I go there myself, then why do I need all the satellites and rovers on the moon?

Please explain to me. I don’t believe the developers didn’t calculate this.

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This is the "sad" part of the game, it is easier to launch yourself to the space or moon than build network of satellites and ships to just land rovers on the moon. I think it is because in real life is way harder to keep a person alive and untouched during space travel and landing on other planet or moon, moreover it takes significant amount of time to get e.g. to the Mars than in Space Engineers. I have once traveled from Earth to the Mars in SE (I didn't realize I could use jump drive at that time) and it took me couple of tens of hours real time. It might be a nice simulation but the question is: Why not to fly there yourself but just to send a probe? What are you going to do on Earth while probe is flying to the Mars?

Maybe you can build and improve the Earth base meanwhile, but what is the reason to send probe to Mars other than to collect some nice orange stone from Mars surface, because everything else is on the Mars the same?

On the other hand, if we take into account that you must create the quests in SE yourself, it is a nice quest, it is not easy to do everything just with a probe or drone when you are depending on couple of cameras and remote control. I would like to see this as the in-game achievement for which you would get some personal in-game reward. Maybe just an otherwise locked unique picture on LCD panel, which you could show off in your hall of fame on the base.

Just one thing: I am not sure if you can go to build mode by CTRL+G with drone when using cameras and remote block. I haven't tested it, if it's not possible then it is unfortunately not possible to perform such mission.


I agree with you.

On the one hand, I see that the developers planned the passage of the game, that is, they planned the goals in the game.

And here is confirmation of this.

  1. To find the moon, you first need to launch a satellite into orbit and find it.
  2. To be able to launch satellites without wasting fuel to escape from the atmosphere, an orbital station must be built.
  3. From the orbital station of the Earth to the Moon ~ 248 km. And this is also not just that. 200 km is the distance between the laser antennas between the stations of the Earth and the Moon and 50 km just for the control of the Lunar rover through a conventional antenna at the station of the Moon's orbit.

That is, I want to say that the developers did not come up with such distances for nothing. This is an accurate calculation just so that we have a sense of going through the game exactly as it was in real life.

But now I have a station in the orbit of the Earth and a station in the orbit of the Moon. I planned to launch a satellite with a rover to a station on the Moon and lower it to the Moon in order to use it to find the location of the ice.

On the other hand, I understand that I can just fly to the moon and build a base there, not scouting anything. And without sending satellites there.

I think that some kind of limitation is needed for there to be some kind of challenge, and I couldn't just fly to the moon, only I don't understand what it should be.


And about my first message. It was just a bug with laser antennas. Sometimes, when connected, no remote control is established between them. You need to exit the game to the main menu, then go back to the game, and everything works.