Inventory capacity bar should switch to ship capacity when in a cockpit/seat

Johny Daison shared this feedback 2 years ago

When I'm controlling a ship, I am not really interested in how much is left of my personal inventory capacity, but I am very interested in how much is left of the ship's capacity. We have the weight, but that's not really a helpful indicator, since the maximum can change depending on what is in your inventories and you have to know it by heart. Either make the personal inventory bar switch to the ship when seated, or add another bar in the right side panel which will show this.

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This is a nice idea which I want to see implemented, however some problems may arise due to differences between player and ship inventory. Just to name a few:

  • Not all ship inventories can store all item types
  • Small conveyors don't allow some items to pass through

The indicator would have to reflect that to be helpful


I don't think making it that clever is necessary. It can be just total used volume/total maximum volume. And yes, this way it will be a common occurrence that you won't be able to fill the bar completely. But, if it plays the Inventory full warning when the system was trying to move in item and it couldn't (but only like once per 10s, not spamming) it will be enough information to quickly see that there is a problem and deal with it. Currently, you don't know when you are full and you end up destroying ore or dropping components everywhere.


I need this too! I don't always want to use the AutomaticLCD script for this! Push!