Inertial Dampeners?

punkatron shared this feedback 2 years ago

Forgive me if this is a silly idea, but could we use an actual block to represent the Inertial Dampening effect? Right now it’s simply automatic. With a press of the ‘Z’ key it just happens. If you consider the turning of a ship - that doesn’t just happen automatically, you have to install a Gyro first (at least one). So what if you also had to build an Inertial Dampener on your ship in order to actually have Inertial dampening?

Doesn't have to be all that complex, say a 1x2x1 block that would, once built, turn Inertial Dampening to True. No custom settings required.

Could be fun too, in pvp. You’d want it deep in the ship perhaps, and surrounded by some heavy shielding. After all, you definitely don’t want that to get hit – lose Inertial Dampeners and you’re in a fix. It would add to the immersion and realism for me, and we’d get a new block to play with. Currently, ID is nothing more than a kind of magic, as nothing makes it happen except the ‘Z’ key.

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I don`t think this is a go for. Sorry


See it as a function of the cockpit/control seat/remote block. Those are blocks, too, no? Besides, the I.D. function is listed as a switch in those blocks' terminal view already, so that doesn't sound unreasonable, I think.

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