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Increase Sensor Block range to ~500m.

Worny shared this feedback 13 months ago

A longer range for sensor blocks would open up countless possibilities in automation, self guided ships, alert systems, and many more.

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Or at least compensate for sensors not being the most reactive of things.

That being said sensors and voxels have had a REALLY big performance problem and having a long range sensor detecting voxel can crash the game.

So I think a long range or Elite sensor variation should be added that consumes more power, can detect things at a far longer range but aslo cannot detect voxels to fix the issue


Yes, that makes sense. Main points is to be able to detect incoming enemies from reasonable distance and trigger actions. Would come really useful for defending against ofline raids. For example setting it to override your ship's thrusters to fly away from enemies while you are offline. Current 50m is really small.

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