Inactivity grid deletion should be replaced with NPC stations selling coordinates of that grid

Space Ork shared this feedback 2 years ago

Inactivity grid deletion (default 7 days) should be replaced with NPC stations selling coordinates (moving in case of drifting ship) of that grid. Some flavor text about abandoned ship / base, coarse distance from player and natural gravity there should be given before sale. Price should reflect base / ship size and composition at highly discounted price from selling those components to stations. Each hour a new contract should be made available for remaining blocks until 2 days pass, when the remaining blocks are deleted.

For multiple eligible grids in sync range (default 3km) only one contract considering them all should be generated.

Money made from selling of such contracts are awarded to player that owned the grids. Identity deletion doesn't have to be same as grid deletion if I'm not mistaken.


If non eligible blocks are in the same grid, ownership and authorship should be transferred to majority owner of them. Game should inform receiving player about awarded blocks in private chat and mention grid name.

If there are non-eligible grids in optimal spawn distance (20km default I think) at start of this process, expired blocks should be simply deleted to avoid non-expired grids disclosure.

Temporary grids (spawn pods, signals) are always deleted.


More fun! Exploration of player-made grids that might defend themselves. Place for players to meet others (new contract is generated every hour) and fight for valuables on neutral territory. Clean up is only delayed.

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or even have the NPC station sell the grid if its a ship or unattached station


They can be of varying quality and only usable on their current location. I don't think they should be moved anywhere. They should also disappear to not burden server anymore. Player made conversion to components is best way I think.


All exceptions are meant to be applied only at the start of the process.

Should the original owner log during the 2 day period, he would be informed what happened and can decide himself how to deal with the situation that his old blocks are timed for deletion and he cant change that.

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