Improvements and customizability for the encounters and raids by drone ships

Kyro Gaming shared this feedback 4 years ago

While playtesting I found it very hard to get into proper combat situations against the random encounter drone ships because of how fast they travelled. This was especially apparent when I tfied to use a bigger large grid ship against the new drones. A potential fix to this could be to slightly lower the drones maximum speed, similar to those you can set for rovers, in order to enabe players to catch up with the drones without using a jump drive. An increased range for the Relative Dampening feature would also greatly improve combat against the drone ships.

Similarly, the ability to create custom encounter tables for drones would be a great addition to this feature. This would be greatly benificial for making custom senarios and increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the combat situations. If this is already in place or is added, it would also be greatly beneficial to have a guide, ether in game or as a video, for setting up the encounters and the programmable blocks, which are presumably required for the drones to funtion properly without player input.

The additions in the tests for tge update are great, and I am exited to use tgese new features in the upcoming update!

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..ORR... Increase the vanilla game speed and leave them where they're at. The engine runs fine at 250-300 m/s, I can't see why we should still be at 100.


The main problem isn't their top speed, it's the fact that its impossible to catch up with them while on a ship without a jump drive. Forcing tge player to repeatedly get out of the ship and advance on the drone, which most of the time ends in frustration and a massive time drain, or give up on hunting NPC ships until they have a drive, which is supposed to be an end-game feature.

I could see them leaving the top speed at 100 for large grids, but in my opinion small grid ships should be able to go faster than large grids to give them added usefullness against drones for mid-end game. Thus making them a viable option over the presumably better armed and better armoured large grid warships.

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