Improved Connector options/restraints

Zooltan shared this feedback 2 years ago

In the Economy update, we can now turn our Connectors into Trading Mode, which disables item, gas and power transfer, as well as all control of the grid.

This is fine for trading stations, but I think this has a lot of potential when expanded, either by adding extra modes or just being able to control each aspect individually.

The case I most often run into, is that I want to dock and refuel, but I don't want to control the connected grid. (Right now, pressing P will disconnect all landing gears and connectors for everything you are connected to)

I can also imagine having a base or ship where my friends can connect and get power, oxygen and hydrogen, but not allow then control of the grid, or the ability to transfer items.

There is currently no engineering solution to this in the game, except a complicated system of sorters that can handle some of it.

This is something I have wanted for a very long time and I think it opens up a lot of possibilities for grid-to-grid interaction.

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This. Other useful options aside, restricting block controls between the connected grids is a wonderful idea. I can't relay how frustrating it is to have ship/ship and ship/station connections bloat the block list in the terminal EACH. SKREKKING. TIME.