Improve the game !!!

Drakon Fire shared this feedback 16 months ago

It would be nice to enter some of the list.

1-Improved reactor / generator control. (Ingot / sec, liters / sec.) For modders, it would be easier to make different types of fuel, which depends on the energy depth of the fuel.

(Advanced reactor mechanics, where the AC power threshold is going, the internal temperature of the reactor. Either you lower the progress bar, but this is safe, or you overload it, but you have to cool it)

2-electricity is transmitted not by block, but by cable. (But to make a tick that would be transmitted and block).

3-Gas pressure

4-Weather, temperature, radiation.

5-fluid (Not necessarily super advanced mechanics)

6-Officially introduce laser weapons at the expense of energy, not ammunition.

7-Advanced Ingredient System. For example, to produce a resource, you need hydrogen gas and 2 different ingots.

8-Different speeds on the planet and in space.

9-Separate assembly and disassembly. Or it is possible to make only if it is a component.

10-Trade between players. (category for money)

11-The tree of technology (you need to research what would open. Spend time and energy on this resource)

12-Construction inside the grid. If you put a wall, it takes one block all the same, and you will not put a light bulb in this block, it will occupy one more block.

13-Another fun idea with vein ore. Where you put the drill in there, and you get it until this vein is exhausted.

14-The solar system with a real star and its trajectory. But it seems it is already impossible to implement ..

15-Hunger and thirst. Tree felling and harvest =))

16-Combine a large block with a small block.

17-custom suit, modules, filters.




Eliminate the painful problem from the 3rd person. When at a certain angle you still switch to the view from the 1st.

I hope I described it quite clearly =)In general, the meaning is that it is interesting when there is more mechanics, and people can do the object themselves =)


Too primitive assembly and refinery system.

My main mod based on complex crafting

but most of the things I can’t realize.

1 - Assembler also knows how to disassemble objects, but it was necessary that there was a block that does not know how to disassemble. just craft !!

2 - The refinery understands only one ingredient recipe !! (if it’s ore, then yes) But if you add, for example, the second ingredient to complicate it, it starts to dull a lot !!

3 - Gas is gas, it is possible to convert to gas, but you cannot use gas as an ingredient (resource) for production !!!!

4 - A very simple system with a reactor, it does not need to be cooled and it does not generate waste. There is also no radiation. (As with ore).

5 - Assembler clogs its entire free space automatically. And when you ask a new task, he can no longer start it. !!

These moments greatly complicated the creation of my project, and I had to figure out how to get around this.

About the conveyor ports. I think the most correct idea is different ports (both input and output).

If you look at my project, you will probably understand what you had to go through and what to sacrifice.

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This game will never have such features. It's scope however, from my perspective, very interesting but not in SE. I would recommend Stationeers to you ;) they have most of this you mentioned (+ daily updates).