Implementation of the moddability of LCD scripts

Kuroshi shared this feedback 4 years ago

I have been told that the new Client-side LCD scripts, also known as TSS, will be moddable in the future. As much as i have heard so far, the planned implementation seems to be to let the server administrator add a mod which then enables clients to choose from additional community-made LCD scripts.

In my opinion, this would be a very inoptimal implementation since it forces server admins to either make their own mods which include mutliple LCD scripts, which is not only bad practice, but also can not be updated and maintained without a lot of effort and is also discrediting to the original authors; Or to collect and manage large amounts of those individual mods to add multiple LCD scripts for the clients to enjoy.

Both these options cause a lot of work for server admins, which from my experience as current administrator of 2 SE servers, will lead to them not being used.

Since the entire point of making these scripts client-side was to help players, it seems like an illogical step to make them this complicated to add and maintain for server administrators.

I would suggest that the implementation is done similar to the programmable block, with clients being able to subscribe and load the script of their choice into an LCD panel without the server playing a role in this, except perhaps a toggle for the possibility to do so and a blacklist for unwanted scripts, if such seems to be necessary, which I doubt, but do not deny the possibility of.

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Meh. Automatic LCDs 2 now supports block LCD displays, and it works better than Keen's scripts by far. As long as you have scripts enabled in world settings, you can enjoy better LCD scripts without Keen's limitations.


I think you don't understand what this suggestion is about. Many scripts could be written as LCD scripts in the future, which run on the client side, and not on the server side. This way many people could use more scripts written by the community, like Automatic LCDs 2, on servers that they otherwise would not be able to because the Programmable Block is either disabled or limited in function


Must agree with this one, and hope something is done about it. The current implementation of scripts with a timer block is a bit of a pain to work with and feels more like a makeshift solution than an actual one. Not only that, but there is also how this works when dealing with multiplayer (if a server doesn't allow scripts, you're stuck) as mentioned.

I'm trying to find where the TSS scripts are located in the game files, and see if I can make my own, since I don't want to deal with the current implementation.

Other option would be to have an option on a programmable block to carry several scripts (up to whatever server/player/PCU limit is defined for performance) and for each one having options for "run-once" or "run-on-each-update-tick" (like the current ones), but that one seems more harder than opening the option for players to make their own TSS scripts.

But then again, the way Keen seems to be tracking "what is wanted" and "what needs to be added" is via a popularity system, and this has been "Submitted" for 3 years, so I doubt this will ever change.

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