(Idea/Suggestion) Ricocheting Bullets

Harbinger Ace shared this feedback 2 years ago

Just a simple idea; bullets could ricochet off of denser blocks (Heavy Armor, Blast Doors, etc) when they strike at certain angles. Lighter and more sensitive blocks (Light Armor, Jump Drives, etc) would still be affected normally.

As an example, angles of 10°-20° could cause bullets to bounce off of armor and potentially damage other blocks or grids. They could deliver either a percentage of the damage to the target they ricochet off of, or none at all. Of course, that's just a base thought.

This doesn't need to be anything fancy (e.g. curve calculations, reduced velocity, etc), as just seeing bullets ricochet off of targets would be a spectacular sight.

Comments (2)


That would be good cause right now rockets and shells get stuck in the armor and cause more damage than normal


On its own it's a terrific idea. But the implementation would be rather difficult. For every bullet, an angle of impact would have to be calculated, the block type would have to be queried, That would also me a 10-20% increase in the number of bullets flying around at any one time. The overhead needed is better served elsewhere.