Ideas reactor add ons and more.

Daniel J Jackson shared this feedback 3 months ago

Please add-on. Reactor boiler expansion that controls fuel consumption, reactor controller for power outputs control and reactor turbines for power output expansion.

Other power options would be nice. Like the Sterling Engine. Uses ice and cold air presser for powering. Low power output, lower fuel, consumption.

Geothermal power plants. A steam vents are needed for resources.

Tracked motive system. For tanks. Would be useful to get a grip on bad terrain to navigate mars and mountains and go up slopped. Neutral steering would be nice for small drones.

A real game rail set for lifts and trains. This will make trains more compact and stable.

Copper. Would be a cool resource to add. Allowing allowing copper nickel iron composites.

Aluminum. The lighter the rover the the better fun.

Ceramic plates made from silicon and gravel. Ceramic would be nice for carbon fiber. Making stronger lighter stuff.

Alloy Plant would make better metals. Composites. Better armors used to protect from types of weapons. Reduces weight.

Concert blocks. Gravel fills up my cargo. Just add some ice.

Expanded armor block pallet. More interesting small and large blocks.

Please add 50mm gun turret, 75 mm gun fixed. Downside tracking and velocity.

Plasma shields are a IRL thing. I would call them acceptable for adding to the game.

Solid state propellant. Liquid hydrogen battery. Downside goes boom.

Space suit upgrades for expanding power packs. Impact power recharges, Magnification and night vision, and thermal sights. Would be cool to have on ships too. This can wait.

3D Radar. So I may detect those pesky drones. Add new drones too. Pesky drones more pesky.

Robo-dog re-skin and AI improvements. Interesting if they become loot crates for suit upgrades.

Turret AI improvements. Shoot threw friendlies. FF off option. Ammo saver burst fire options. I will never count how many times I bin shot by my own turrets.

Turret controller block. Slaves all guns to one engineer for tracking. Or just add this as an option to the guns.

Man-Portable Rocket launcher. One-shot weapon.

Full-Articulation block. Az and els. Azimuth and elevation.

Sub-grid control improvements.

Love what you are doing.

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Geothermal power plants--this would be a nice, fun addition and give another reason to build planet-side.