Idea for a survival update that makes use of multiple planets and space

PurpleSheeep shared this feedback 3 years ago

I don't know the scope of updates to come but hopefully this is a reasonable suggestion.

I would like to see a more in depth game play loop which encourages engineering solutions. The loop I'm thinking of is mine -> refine -> assemble -> weld.

At the moment survival has a top of the line refine all refinery that uses power + ore to make ingots.

In real life refineries don't work like this and I think there is some aspects to take from real life that would be fun to play with.

Different ores have different ideal refining conditions on a sliding scale. These conditions could be met with Modular Refinery where different blocks provide heat, pressure and other real life things. Expanding on this different ores could required different gravity to get the best productivity and speed of refining. Combining this idea with the idea that refineries that produce waste heat which would be easy to vent in atmosphere but difficult to get rid of in a vacuum could produce interesting problems to solve. One way to remove heat in a vacuum could be to provide the heat exchange with ice and vent the steam produced.

Another mechanic could be refineries that explode due to over heating, refineries that either loose efficiency when being thrown about by a gyro on a grid or even explode because you are shaking a huge metal machine full of molten rock.

Assemblers could also have productivity / speed bonus in different gravity and certain components could be only be able to be built in 0g.

With these additions it should encourage players to have multiple bases in different environments and have a reason to go back to them. Adding danger of exploding to refineries will hopefully encourage more separation of function in bases and ships to produce more varied designs.

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If you ever Wonder how it feels to play your Idea, try out Stationeers:

You may see that it doesn't fit into SE.


another nice game


Another post that wants 'engineering' in a game with 'engineers' in the title.


Seriously though, completely with you, actually designing a mod-set w/ this type of play in mind, multiple refineries, etc. But we are waiting until survival is done in order to complete, as the survival would just negate all our work.