[Idea] Enhanced Camera/vision New: Binoculars and Telescope

Patrick Berg shared this feedback 2 years ago

I think it would be really cool to have improved space exploration features in the form of better cameras, a new tool: binocular and a new block: telescope.

The improved camera will have 3 additional features compared to the current one.

  1. Camera panning. Basically the feature provided by Digis Mod.
  2. A "create gps" raycast that let's you create a gps signal at the point the camera is targeted atm. A laserpointer effect could be added here as well coming out of the already build in red led. Great for calling in attillery strikes, your drone fleet etc. If there is no direct target/object. The gps coords will be at the camera.
  3. A "Distance: X meters" overlay info with toggle. To see the distance of an object. For example a base, enemy ship or asteroid.

A Binocular tool with inferior zoom.

  • Zoom somewhere between current iron sight and camera block.
  • Can be tiered like weapons. (T1-3)
  • Similar funcionality like camera. Create gps (T1), Get distance (T2), Nightvision (T3)
  • Maybe integrated into space helmet instead of extra item. Depends on future plans how the suit/armor system is headed.

A new telescope block. Build your own spy satellites or space observatories!

  • Uses a restricted spectator view mechanic so you are not just looking at the smallest LODs of the object.
  • Can be used to detect/inspect objects far away. (Raycast feature with name output: "Mars, Faction, Grid Name, Block Name...)
  • Can be used to create gps signals for your Jumpdrive far away.
  • No panning. Needs rotor support/engineering for this! ;)
  • Model could look like a bulky 2x1 large grid spyglas with a (lcd) control panel on the back.

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Great ideas, I was about to propose something very similar!

Telescopes would be useful to find asteroids, spy on bases, look at passing NPC ships, and to choose landing points on planets. I think it's quite fun to scan around with cameras and plan my approach, Patrick's suggestions (GPS/Nightvision/rangefinder) would be great features!

Cameras could be optimised for close range (door security camera, parking/docking cameras, ...), whereas telescopes could be oprimised for far range (jittery when moving, blurry close up, but sharp at a distance when held still).

As Patrick said, there could be levels of telescopes:

  • small handheld binoculars,
  • stationary telescopes or periscopes (!) for small and large grid,
  • large telescope dishes for large grid (the need for rotors is a great idea)
  • several large dishes connected by laser antennas (high power consumption, but best viewing range)
  • an LCD display linked to a telescope or camera that shows a live screenshot every few seconds...?

I'm sure there are strict limits how many cameras can be calculated at the same time... and how much LOD can be calculated is also a performance factor here. I heard that asteroids do not even exist unless player is near...? That might be the reason why they feel so "hard to see" and everything feels so empty.