I am very intrested to have magazines with limited ammo and reloading

Gabriel H shared this feedback 2 years ago

Any rifle no matter how futuristic it may be, it has to be re-loaded at some point. And a magazine fits in there. From studying your rifle in particular it looks like it has a 30 round magazine. It should not shoot for ever. I would be very intrested to see reloading, magazine clips with 30 rounds each and also rifle overheating which happens if you decide to empty a magazine out 100%. Weapon jamming.

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I think that this feature and other improvements regarding fighting in SE will be introduced in the Combat 2.0 patch.

I left you a vote anyway. Hopefully they are still working on the Combat Update.


IIRC, they have reloading for the gatling turret. It shouldn't be too much of a stretch to figure out reloading for the AR.

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