Hydrogen engine starts working delayed after construction

Simpson3k shared this feedback 20 months ago

I know the search list for hydrogen engine issues is long but they all seem to about something else thats why i started a new topic.

My problem with it is that after the construction of the hydrogen engine is completed it seems to stay inactive.. its hydrogen tank is not filling, its animation is not working, no sound. even though its connected to a conveyorsystem with enough plenty of ice and enough eletricity on the grid to work. Then i do something else and when i check the engine in the system console a minute later or so its hydrogen tank full all of a sudden and when i return to it its working.

This is no problem in ships or stations in wich the hydrogen engine is only an emergency power generator but if its the primary power generator in a ship i build and i have to wait for i dont know what before it finaly decides its time now to start working, thats not improving the current mood if i may say so.

This problem i have since YEARS now literally.

Please make it working right from the very moment its construction is completed, like pretty much every other block in this game.

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Shouldn't this be listed as a bug (instead of feedback)?


A bugreport is no feedback? :)


Ok i duplicated this in the bug section. Still when i see how little feedback i got on this i wonder if its only my game that makes the hydrogen engine act this way since the release of it till today. Or people simply dont care.

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