How to refuel connectorless ships/vehicles without uranium?

Keks shared this feedback 3 years ago

In the past i just put uranium into the reactors. But in the new "non-uranium-age" it is not possible to fuel ships/vehicles in a similar way.

Batteries -> need connector or merge block to charge

Hydrogen engine -> needs o2Gen + ice cargo container -> just too big and too weak for ships

I have 3 ideas to solve this

1. battery charging through landing gear

- if a landing gear is connected to a "friendly" grid then it can supply the own grid with energy

2. add "charged power cell" item

- you can craft "charged power cells" in the assembler (should be very expensive)

- put the "charged power cells" into a empty battery

- battery will charge by use up the "charged power cells"

(must be well balanced)

3. add electric wires to the game

- connect two grids with a electric wire to transfer energy between them

- they tear when the distance becomes too big

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"Charged power cells" also solves this suggestion:

So we have already two reasons for this!


While I've always equipped my small grids with ventral connectors, I've asked myself the same in case one of them runs out of power while disconnected. A small battery could at least get the connector and conveyors working, but its too weak on its own, while a small reactor can, over time, charge full-size batteries, getting the ship flight ready again. Hence, all my small grids have a small reactor for emergencies.

Now? Its airlift and emergency battery time. Unwieldy.


currently, the solution is to connect via a rotor head to a rotor on another grid.

Stick the pointy end of a rotor head into any other rotor and you can attach it as a subgrid via the terminal!

You can also use the merge block, but that limits the ability to connect small to large/ vice versa.

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