Holding your Breathe for say 30 seconds before damage

Burstar shared this feedback 4 years ago

Instead of instantly taking damage at zero oxygen, allow for a small hold your breath period where you still make the suffocating noise but aren't taking damage.


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There is a big difference whether you do it in vacuum, in pressurized (but unbreathable) environment at 1bar or at higher pressures.

In vacuum you will rupture your lungs if you don't get the air out (and will die because of such damage). And if you get the air out in time, you can only rely on oxygen in blood - that gives you about 20-30s of consciousness max.

In pressurized environments (if you are accustomized to it), you can hold your breath and it can give you even several minutes if you are trained for it.

But when you suddenly change the environmental pressure, you will damage yourself too ...

I'd say keep it as it is - as gameplay simplification (maybe play a bit with values). Just add the audible notification for low oxygen and "put your helmet on" if the environment does not have enough O2 to breathe but your suit still have some O2.


Yeah I looked up research done on dogs regarding this and the consensus is that, if you didn't inhale at the last second to hold a lungful, you'd stay conscious for about 15 seconds, become semi-conscious for the next 15, and then unconscious for ~2-3 minutes. You'd also take 'damage' immediately as liquids and gases vaporize.

Overall, the suffocating effect already in place is as good a simulation of this as could be expected (well done Keen), although perhaps this suggestion could be changed into "add a 2-3 minute recoverable period where help could save you and which has a respawn prompt if you just want to give up".

If I could delete this idea I would.


Hi, I will close this idea then.

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