Handheld weapon overhaul

Paul shared this feedback 18 months ago

In my opinion, a weapon overhaul with new and more realistic (eg reloading) handheld weapons is not necessarily needed for Space Engineers, it would, however, make this part of the game way more enjoyable if correctly balanced. Examples are:

Real Reload (that would be great even without animations)

new weapon types, eg pistol (being single shot) and shotgun (could just do multiple shots at once in slightly different Directions)

you have different calibers that do different damage (ie Pistols don't do much damage to blocks),

maybe weapons with different ranges (like a sniper rifle with a range of 1000m, a shotgun with only 200m),

Customization options with different scopes and possibly silencers,


You don't need many weapons, especially with customization. Like two single-shot pistols of which one has punch and the other shoots faster and has short reload time, a shotgun, a single-shot sniper rifle, and two or three assault rifles with different fire-modes, -speeds and different damage would be enough. To that, you add two or three different Sights like the old laser sight and one scope and you have something for everyone.

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I feel like the definition of "not many" is kind of iffy here.

Cost-benefit analysis shows how much of a problem a lot of this is. We can't have much more than the bare bones of a weapon system, because nobody's going to go for diet CS:GO with Lord Clang and jetpacks. Not many people are here for that already. Attachments are right out because of this, small modifications that don't really do enough to justify the work spent on implementing an attachment system (which is a nightmare in 80% of the games that have inventories anyway IME).

Same with many of the weapon types. Shotguns and snipers are FPS staples, with their roles of close-range and long-range respectively, but in SE they're just two more suit-to-suit weapons. Close-range is useless anyway because jetpacks exist, while long-range sniping is hampered by bullet velocity and, again, jetpacks.

Essentially, we're putting out too many weapons with too little variety.

For example, as a close range weapon, why not have a handheld Tesla cannon? It shorts out small grids, so it actually interacts with the other 90% of SE, and it's generally much different from just a close range version of the AR.

As a long range weapon, maybe a rocket launcher? Again, it interacts with grids significantly, and it feels much different from a standard gun.

I really have nothing against pistols, but two variants will only create competition between weapons for a niche when we kind of need that effort going towards filling all the niches.

Actually, that's a pretty good summary of the whole thing, if phrased right:

We need to create new areas of combat, not fill in the current ones extensively.