hand drill texture mis-allignment

Wellington 6012 shared this feedback 14 months ago


When I switch to a hand drill, the texture/model and resulting drilling is out of alignment with my player (pictured). Switching between tools resets it, so it's more an annoying rather than a game breaking bug.

It happens to my drill often, but not all the time. Also occasionally to my rifle (although I don't actually un-holster it that often), but not as noticeable. Grinder and welder appear unaffected.

Seems to have been a problem since Warfare 1 update.

My game saved are either light on mods or no-mod, still affected

I have seen other players on YouTube experience the same problem. I tried to find a thread with this already, but didn't have any luck, so started this new one.


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I also have this.

I currently have Proficient tools equipped (don't recall seeing this bug on basic tools).

It is quite consistent. When flying, switch to the Welder, then to the Hand Drill. The tool will project forward and the texture becomes as pictured in OP's attachment.

Switch to the Grinder, then to the Hand Drill, and the problem disappears. But from Welder to Hand Drill, problem occurs.

When not flying, does not occur for me.


Same problem here. Motion of the character causes the drill model to drift from the correct position over time. This also happens with the hand held rocket launcher. Never happens with the welder or grinder. Perhaps something to do with the size of the item?

Never happened to me before the warfare update.

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