Grid size fusion

Thales Benetti Vieira Vaz shared this feedback 5 months ago

There is a minecraft mod called "chisel and bits". This mod divide the minecraft's voxel in 8x8x8 mini voxels. I'm not know about game programing, but I think it prove is possible put small grid objects in large grid. I know this make few difference in vanilla game, but with mods we can put a lot of small grid objects in same voxel.

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I dont see a problem in this as long as the objects uses the same connector. In example the gatling turrets, both the small- and the big grid turret use both the big conveyer connector so why not allow both turrets for both size classes? For a small grid pure fighter the big turret could fit as much as the small turret for a big grid miner to have a minium of defense without requiring to much space.