Greater control over gas tanks function - purge feature

Thrak shared this feedback 5 years ago

It would be great if we could have more control over tanks... essentially the opposite of "stockpile". The ability to purge oxygen tanks, for example, would make custom-built airlocks more manageable, since air vent blocks can't be set to vent into space.

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I believe many more functions should be enabled. For example, having stockpiled hydro tanks on a station means that they will suck the hydrogen out of anything which docks. Usually a station needs tanks of hydrogen only to refuel passing ships. They might possibly have a back-up hydrogen engine for emergency power. Many configurations are possible, but the current binary stockpile toggle is insufficient.

In addition, it seems modded, alternative sized tanks create a lot of lag when chained together. For example, a "wall" of 1x1x3 modded hydrogen tanks created for the purpose of refuelling ships. (Handy, especially on Europa) This causes some kind of fluid-box wave and chews through CPU power on the server.

I feel a lot of things can be done to the current system of "tanking" and should be added to the development queue in a... batch. Something to work on for a week and publish all at once. Thanks in advance!

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