Graphics memoryleak since 1.194

Abisius shared this bug 21 months ago

since the frostbite update 1.194 is the graphics memory of my gt-1660ti filling up even when i pause se and it goes form 2gb graphics memory usage up to 6gb graphics memory usage which results in a full crash of se cause there is no more space to work for the graphics.

longest time i could play without a crash was aroudn 30min since 1.194

tried around the last weaks with different drivers and rollbacks of the game, it doesnt happen with versions before 1.194 and it happens regardless of the nvidia driver used that i testet, was going back with drivers till geforce game ready driver version 436.30 from 10.09.2019 and the newest tested driver was geforce game ready driver version 445.87 from 15.04.2020.

tests where made with and without mods, new and old world, custom and scenario worlds, with different graphics settings.

i add a dxdiag file for a overview over the full system because of the propability of a compatibilityerror on another end of the system.

mainboard would be a asrock x570 phantom rock gaming 4

oh and i nearly forgot that from time to time it uses no graphics memory and just keeps calculating stuff without showing any graphics, caused me soem tiem to be at another positin than i thought cause only the rgaphic hang up and there was no graphics memory used at all