Give a "upward" indication on wheel suspensions

Michel Turpin shared this feedback 3 years ago

Wheels are a must have early on planets since you can't make grids for atmo thrusters until you find cobalt and have a ref + assembler.

But using them is hard. You don't know if you are using them the right way when you place them in game.

It would be really useful to have a "up" arrow on the exterior of the suspension. It would be hidden by the wheel and visible on placement.

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There's a tutorial to learn how to identify on how correctly place a wheel

Once you learn it there's no other way to place it wrong


Indeed, I found out on an other website as well, but this demonstrate the game is not explicit enough. And wheels are the first mean of transportation you must use if you are playing on planets


Agreed. Why should players have to go looking for outside information on a game mechanic??

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