General Game Improvement Ideas

Kazius shared this feedback 5 months ago

Wheel Camber (engineering wise this causes wheels to straighten and would keep a ground vehicle driving straight rather than turning slightly in the last direction you steered in.

Volumetric clouds - Just cause there cool and very immersive.

Fix lightning so it doesn't strike below terrain. I built a base in a mountain and stuff 800 meters down and 400 meters into the mountain get hit by lightning strikes. Even if I put a decoy on the top of the mountain the stuff inside still get struck.


Pirate NPC's wondering around there crashed ships trying to repair but will defend themselves if you get within a certain range like 500-1000 meters. 500 meters is about the range of a modern assault rifle for effectiveness. 1000 meters is roughly for non-special sniper rifles.

RCS style engine control. For example, if you YAW your space clockwise, the front left thrusters fire and the rear right thrusters fire assisting in yaw. And same effect for pitch and roll.

Tried to make rotors work with engines and have say 4 large small block thrusters, 2 on rotors near rear that once your at altitude you can rotate the rear thrusters since you might not need the extra lift and instead use them for pushing.

Anyways, just some ideas.

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I forgot, on the rotor / engine idea, the problem was the rotors would glitch out and not want to rotate.