Future of Space Engineers

Gaz shared this feedback 20 months ago

I don't understand the direction of this game's development

It's not like there is any form of gameplay available currently other than

building your builds and then being bored with nothing to do with them

Builds have no purpose, there are no bigger objectives at all than mining

You don't need anything else than a few asteroids and 1 drill, a hand welder and grinder in the game at all as of now, which are all available from the start.

There is no benefit for player interaction for ANYTHING in this game?

Is it really just a simulation for "what if you ended up in space with a few components?"

Then you have a couple of go's at it and figure it out, boom you're done with the game. 10 - 30 minutes of gameplay.

Why would you settle for this when the game can be so much more?

Sure it would be fun to play with friends but why this game over other games?

If there is no interaction it really doesn't sell well in this regard right?

There are so many attempts in place that try to create the idea of a living universe, such as "factions", "pirates", etc.

But at the end of the day these things are fundamentally obsolete to the game.

For example, the starting screen has an ongoing conflict between factions with very intense destruction everywhere.

You can't picture an image further from the reality of this game honestly, it will just never be there as there is no benefit to combat, other than contracts (I have posted an ignored suggestion for this already).

The only situations you see something remotely similar to this portrayal is with very short private server iterations from popular youtubers. The role the game plays there is not very significant.

Of course, that is very problematic in terms of game development.

I don't understand why the official servers are made in such a bare bones fashion that basic player interactivity is not required.

Other than a chat box , but there is more activity in a discord channel than an official server.

As of now, if you don't have a premade faction or w/e group of friends you don't have anything to see in space engineers servers that you can't get in single player.

Even then the game becomes pretty dull after you have finished your builds. Of course it does, any 5 year old can see that, there is nothing else to do. And yes I know about all exploits for finding player bases even when they are offline (and even that is boring af). I will not take that into my judgement about this game because for all I know, that is unintentional.

But this is a commercial game with a lot of customers, that is unpresentable. It's empty promises and false advertisement everywhere.

Can someone give me insight in the direction that the development of this game is taking it? If anything at all?

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Honestly, it seems like Keen was testing a voxel and deformation engine and someone got carried away with testing it. I doubt they have much of a plan besides trying to continue adding more content. I don't think they even have anyone regularly checking or updating the suggestions on these forums.

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