Fresh Install - Crashes on Auto-save

Edward shared this feedback 3 months ago

After about a half hour of game play the Auto-save starts locking up my game until it goes Unresponsive and windows asks me if I want to close the Unresponsive Application or if I want to Wait for it to recover.

After about two such instances the game just bricks up and I have to kill the process.

I have tried a fresh install but seeing as its a fresh install of windows and steam and the game (now twice) in the last two days and it has not helped. This happens with both a Vanilla save and one with mods.

Anyone have any thoughts? It seems any time I try to play this game its buggered to hell and back due to this or that or the bloody sun coming up and I can not get more than a few hours into a game before something happens where it is royally screwed up.

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been getting this my self is the last few days even with no mods and a new world.

the Ram Use just go up and up to 20gbs while on Ultra high Voxel and model mode before update world loaded fine or even on a fresh world when it loads so and you turn it looks like the voxel are redrawing them selfs and ram shoots up to 20gbs from 3gb.