Fixed Versus Turret Range Needs Equalizing

Elor Yosnak shared this feedback 3 years ago

Right now, a Turret can aim out to 800 m maximum. Its effective range may be more than that, but its snap-to range is 800 max. This has led to a situation that is not nice.

If I want to take a fighter out to take down a pirate base, I have a two options. I can either charge the base, get shot up, have a bunch of fun, try to dodge bullets, do some damage, maybe survive, and again have lots of fun with some frustration added in, or... I can attach a camera, zoom in, and blow a few hundred rounds of ammunition. I'll be bored, but I'll pick off every turret on that base.

This is not good.

I like dogfighting. I like doing divebombing tactics, with a tiny ship and a tense situation where pieces are flying off my ship as heroically challenge a Pirate Stronghold. And right now I CAN do both of those things. But there's no reason for me to do it. There's no reason for me to have fun, and honestly, it's not encouraged. I've put time and resources into my little fighter, and I don't want to charge the base. I want to sit away, be bored, and pick the guns off, so that my ship doesn't get damaged.

This needs to change. And there's really two options as to how to do it.

1) Normalise range.

Fixed gatling guns currently have an effective range out to ~900 metres. Turrets 800 metres. Increase range on the turrets to 900m max. The Turret spread at 900m is... not excellent, so a fighter at that range would still have a chance, but it would somewhat discourage gatling sniping.

2) Change Weapon Type

Increase spread on the fixed guns, and add a long range, fixed cannon type. This way, the fixed Gatlings would become close range, dogfighting guns, but the sniping option would still exist, albeit be more expensive to do. A 1000m or 1500m range cannon with significantly higher Magnesium cost for ammunition would be perfect, and wouldn't really be moving-target accurate anyways. This cannon could even have its own "Camera" built in, like a Turret's Zoom, so that it was even clearer what it's made for.

Personally, I'm in favour of the latter. Turn Gatling Guns into shorter ranged, powerful dogfighters, and add in a simple, long range cannon. This would add functionality to the game, without removing any, and it'd be something that people have asked for for a reasonable amount of time as well.

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If you think this is a good idea, please check out the link below. It's a more complete description of what I think could be a game changing overhaul, and it's in much the same vein as this.

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