Fix window and flight seat hitboxes

Beacon of Wierd shared this feedback 2 years ago

The new addition of small block windows and flight seats is great :D

What is not so great is that their huge hitboxes really reduces their potential a lot. Something every player in the game without exception now wants to do is to build custom cockpits which can open and do all sorts of magic. Unfortunately this is impossible since the flight seat has a 3x3 building area even though the seat itself is nowhere near that big. This leads to extremely bulky and ugly designs.

It would be much much better if the flight seat allowed clipping into armour blocks, meaning you could build slim small ships while still having a custom cockpit. Another issue is the hitboxes, when building a window which can fold down over the flight seat the window and seat collide way before anything in the actual model collides.

Here's a picture of the two problems:

Real space ships are cramped and astronauts barely have room to breathe. Let us recreate the cramped spaces in SE too!

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Yes, please! This would be awesome. The hitbox edges of windows on small grids super buggy.

Of course, as usual, pics included:

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