Filling the Hydro Engine

Shaun Luttrell shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hydro engines need to fill while off, or have a separate option to stop power production while not turning off the block. Possibly like the recharge, discharge, auto function of batteries. Or a stockpile option like on tanks. There is no way to fill the engine without using the fuel at the same time.

This would allow function of the engines with a o2 gen alone. At least make it function better.

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I have the same problem here. I had start the "never surrender" scenario with respawning at space and first, I didn't notice that the ship was powered without consume hydrogen. Problems begins when I merged the ship with a new station grid.First I've been powered the station with the ship engine then I have build another h2 generator/h2 engin. The second engin didn't start and the ice stocked in the second generator was consumed without refill the second engin. The two circuit are independants.

Please check that problem ( and english errors in my comment, it's a trainning for me :p)

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