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Duncan McEwen shared this feedback 3 years ago

I did not realize that once you did the survey you could not do it again. Therefor, here is a bunch of random feedback. :)

I was much impressed with test 2. But there were still some issues.

1. I was standing in a field of snow on an earth world and the temperature was warm... I think you need to consider that if there is snow and ice, the temperature should always be freezing.

2. There needs to be a way to access chat from the start screen when you log on to a server. it is great that you can join a faction, but if you know nothing about them and they don't know you how do you get accepted? If you could chat when you first come on a server, you could find out where your friends are and what different factions are doing.

3. I noticed some sound glitches. My drill would be drilling and just make spinning noises. Some time the hand drill would not make noise at all.

4. The starting base balance was much better. It did not take a ton of drilling rocks and the survival kit to make my first base. It was not easy either, but not impossible or boring.

5. Storage limits for blocks seem improved. I was mostly playing on a default world I was running. I generally did not have problems with materials and storage.

6. H2 Engines need power to jump start the O2/H2 generator. Is that as intended? It makes it hard to start powering anything with just a H2 Motor and H2/O2 generator. It took me 2 small batteries to start my engine on a rover.

7. Maybe the current large block battery should be the large block equivalent of the small battery. Then there would be a new large block battery (2x2?) that would be the equivalent of the old small block battery. Might make more sense.

8. Progression tree is nice, but when you join a faction, you need to have immediate access to everything that faction has. It is no fun to spawn in and not be able to help build things as you don't have the technology researched. I had to go and build a bunch of basic things to be able to help with the base. They base did not need more of those basic items.

9. The basic starting settings for wheels should be a bit more controllable. Starting with a 100 kph speed limit is a receipt for disaster. Building a good buggy that does not go careening into the air is still far too hard.

Overall I was quite pleased with the new test. If I think of more I will post it.



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I agree with all of your statements.

As far as the progression tree goes, I wonder why the warheads are AFTER reactors, I'd prefer having the requirements be control seats etc or batteries, in fact, even just after the hydrogen engine would be ok in my book. This is the biggest gripe I have with the update.

Also, as far as sound bugs go, the actual small ship drill would frequently not make noise from time to time, and it's noise also continued whilst it wasn't in operation, for hours (was too lazy to re-log, and I could lose my space on the server - Keen server #5 for those who were wondering).

And with the hydrogen engine (should be called generator to reduce confusion, and it isn't driving a shaft that directly powers the wheels, so it's a generator, for it generates power, especially on stations), it should have a hydrogen tank like ability with limited storage for itself (no refueling bottles or powering thrusters at all, just fuel for itself), that it would focus on filling itself all the time, which would make it startup properly, because of the power cell in it (obviously a bit of power to jump start the generator) giving the startup power. That would help drastically, because, as long as it isn't out of fuel, you could just run of the hydrogen engine - the batteries need to power the O2 generator to provide hydrogen to the engine to start, (uses hydrogen at the rate it needs, the excess would get stored by it, so you won't need batteries anymore).

Hope this gets my thoughts across in a understandable way.


Warm is relative. Earth snow fields are much warmer than the deserts of Mars. And even the coldest day on Mars is much warmer than the hottest day on Europa.

For a guy in a space suit, I don't have a problem with snow being "warm."


The suit keeps you warm even if it's freezing; once you have no energy, you will slowly take damage, then die. The problem OP has is that he wouldn't freeze to death in mentioned climate.


"4. The starting base balance was much better. It did not take a ton of drilling rocks and the survival kit to make my first base. It was not easy either, but not impossible or boring."

Did you try the moon start? =P

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