[Feedback] Decorative Pack #2

Harbinger Ace shared this feedback 2 years ago

For the most part, the new blocks look good. There are a few resolution issues here and there, and the cockpit might need to be adjusted to properly fit the engineer, but the rest seems good.

However, I think we need to have a talk about a few things in it. If you add variants of existing blocks behind DLC, whatever. If you add optional, non-necessary blocks as DLC, alright. If you put block and character skins behind DLC, dandy; the Style Pack is probably a perfect example of how to do DLC right.

Why, then, have you put more functional blocks behind a paywall? This was, quite specifically, what everyone complained about with the first Decorative Pack and the Industrial Cockpit. Since that was the only real functional block in the pack (others serve no unique or necessary function), a lot of people turned a blind eye. Yet, you turned around and did the same thing again with the Small Control Seat.

I will excuse the Rotating Light and the Transparent LCD, as those serve no necessary functions aboard a grid. However, I will never excuse control seats being locked behind DLC. These serve necessary functions aboard grids, and give clear advantages to players who own the DLC versus those who do not. This is what we are unhappy about.

I will not insult anyone at KeenSWH for this decision, nor will I condone anyone who mindlessly threatens the company or its employees. With that said, it is my firm opinion this move is utterly mindless, and Keen should genuinely reevaluate their decision on this matter.

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This is beginning to look a lot like Star Citizens method of revenue generation. If this is the case we should at least get to vote on the next items sold to us as DLC. You could even make them themed packs. Just keep the general function blocks open to everyone and move all cosmetics to the DLC to bundle with the themed blocks.