Feature suggestion for projector toggle show remaining blocks on Hud

Rebel28416 shared this feedback 18 months ago

One thing that is a real pain with big ships is missing blocks and spending forever looking for them this could be solved with the ability to turn on a feature in the Projector to either show missing blocks or missing, incomplete and or damaged blocks. I understand theses things take time to do and you have other priorities but this would be such an amazing feature even just to show blocks that haven't been built and not the other two options as that would be the best feature out of three. I know you can turn on a block that is incomplete if its in the control panel but for things like conveyors and armour blocks they are very difficult to find sometimes. Thank you for reading and please consider this feature as i believe it will benefit the game greatly.

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This could be implemented by a mod, based on IMyProjector.DetailedInfo and the TextHud API.