Feature Request - New Resources on specific planets

Karlson shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hello Dear Players, Devs and everyone who read this,

i thought about the aspect of Space Engineers to explore and survive.

But i rarely find myself exploring the other Planets like Mars, Triton, the Alien Planet and the moons.

Why? Because everything i need is either on Earth or on Asteroids close to earth.

So how about a mode that let's you only Spawn on Earth/Space close to earth?

Everything on Earth and the Asteroids could be the same but with one major change: There are optional Resources on Mars, Titan, Triton, Alien Planet and Europa.

Like on Mars there is a rare resource where you need a large Ore Detector to finde the veins which go deep down the planet. With these ores you could make a better Reactor(Maybe something like a Fusion Reactor?).

On Titan there could be some rare Ore to be able to build Blocks which are a little stronger but also heavier than the Heavy Armor Block.

On Triton there could be some Ore or Fuel to be able to Fuel or Build better Thrusters.

On the Alien Planet there could be Ore to build a special Weapon Systems.

And on Europa there could be Ore to produce the Ammunition for these Weapon Systems.

But why? Simply to have a bigger Reason to explore those planets and the need to fly and even build a base on these planets to finde the rare Ore. Also it would add a lot of new content and Motivation to move from Earth and build better ships.

I hope that you like this Idea and maybe one day you could implement this.

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The game needs this so badly. Vanilla survival still feels like an afterthought.

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