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Failing To Upload Blueprint 1.192.020

Nicholas Stanfill shared this bug 2 years ago
Not a Bug

I can't upload blueprints anymore. They are vanilla blueprints with one script loaded into them. They are my local blueprints. One blueprint is a single grid with a missile connected via Merge Block. The other blueprint is two grids connected via Connector.

I haven't changed any settings with Steam or Space Engineers.

I couldn't upload it yesterday. The last time I uploaded a blueprint was on August 7th.

Edit: I looked at an older post and saw they fixed this by resizing their thumbnail. This fixed it for me. I used Ctrl+B to make the blueprint, the same way I have made and uploaded all my blueprints. I'm only playing in 1920x1200, not 4k or even QHD. That's a pretty silly limitation, I understand that's probably a Steam issue but it would be better if the game saved the thumbnails at the proper size for uploading at <1mb. It's annoying having to navigate to my appdata folder just to resize a thumbnail.

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