Faction Ranks and improvements in SE

Xero shared this feedback 2 years ago

Faction ranks, I would prefer being able to make a maximum of 10 custom ranks per-faction and only the founder can edit these ranks per-faction as mentioned.

The 'peace' features are long due for an overhaul, and there needs to be a proper 'alliance' setup for multiple factions to properly work with each other.

I.E. blocks only have options to be owned by the player, shared with faction... or nobody.

Adding a 'share with Alliance' would be fix for this.

In addition, The current peace system sort of acts like a treaty system, can be added at any time by 2 factions, or revoked at any time.... by one or the other factions involved.

This takes care of having the alliance, but with the inclusion of '/f' for faction chat, perhaps an /'a' for alliance chat.

basic faction ranks setup for SE following 'ship' codes.

1= Recruit





If not up to 10 customizeable ranks per-faction, then at least an admin-changeable set of ranks in the server config.

Edit: TBH if it were up to me, I think factions/alliances need their own proper setup interface, there's already a factions tab, re-working that to support alliances and roles/ranks would be the best option and give players more control and RP/Immersion groups would also enjoy this.

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Why max it to 10 and not leave it to the faction to create ranks?


This is old, however I do have an answer to that...

I agree it would be 'fun' to have faction customizeable ranks, but this would clutter the process and make it harder to implement an otherwise 'simple' fix. With having all factions have customizable ranks You now have to designate 1-X ranks of faction and there could be someone who clutters the faction tab with useless ranks when there are only 5 people in the entire faction.

With a server-config set of ranks, you always have the same ranks on all factions, and the leader controls the rest. Not to mention there's also already a system in place to separate from member to leader, so adding a few more 'ranks' and one drop down below the 'share with faction' options that show each rank, would be nice, and probably not that difficult in comparison to other ideas.

That being said, this would now fix all the faction issues with things like painting and allow factions to have larger ships.

The only reason there is no system like this is because there isn't a server that promotes faction play this heavily... and the reason for that is, there is no way to promote faction play of more than 2 people because the game does not have features like this to support it.