Faction Ranks and improvements in SE

Xero shared this feedback 21 months ago

Faction ranks, I would prefer being able to make a maximum of 10 custom ranks per-faction and only the founder can edit these ranks per-faction as mentioned.

The 'peace' features are long due for an overhaul, and there needs to be a proper 'alliance' setup for multiple factions to properly work with each other.

I.E. blocks only have options to be owned by the player, shared with faction... or nobody.

Adding a 'share with Alliance' would be fix for this.

In addition, The current peace system sort of acts like a treaty system, can be added at any time by 2 factions, or revoked at any time.... by one or the other factions involved.

This takes care of having the alliance, but with the inclusion of '/f' for faction chat, perhaps an /'a' for alliance chat.

basic faction ranks setup for SE following 'ship' codes.

1= Recruit





If not up to 10 customizeable ranks per-faction, then at least an admin-changeable set of ranks in the server config.

Edit: TBH if it were up to me, I think factions/alliances need their own proper setup interface, there's already a factions tab, re-working that to support alliances and roles/ranks would be the best option and give players more control and RP/Immersion groups would also enjoy this.

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Why max it to 10 and not leave it to the faction to create ranks?