Extended character modding support

Garbius shared this feedback 3 years ago


I've been hacking around with the ModAPI and I can't seem to actually find a workaround to achieve what I want.

I want to have a character/suit that does not have a helmet, no internal storage, and no jetpack (possible already), that must have oxygen in its environment in order to survive. I believe a way to achieve this would be to allow a character definition in characters.sbc without a <SuitResourceStorage> component and maybe add a <HasHelmet> option that defaults to true if not present for backwards compatibility.

Preferably, the UI should reflect these settings by greying out anything that is not present in the worn suit.

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Lemme guess, this is what you'd like, huh? To be fair, this was snagged from Factorio, but in my opinion it'd be a great addition to SE as well. Being able to customize your suit to your needs and having to take care of available resources (which one could also alter to one's needs) is probably the best thing to happen for people being into character progression and customization.

+1 !


That would be one way to go about it. The initial suggestion was to be able to add suit mods that are not only reskins, but actually do different things in game (apart from the currently available storage capacity). These changes would not be directly visible in game, but would allow for greater freedom in modding.

What you're proposing is an in-game armor customization system. I believe that would merit its own suggestion thread to increase exposure.