Environmental hazards on planets

Thomas Ford shared this feedback 21 months ago

I was thinking it would be great to add some natural hazards to the planets such as volcanos, geysers and other disastrous elements to make choosing the right planet to colonize much more important and problematic as I feel like the main things I want in survival mode is to have to deal with problems that you would encounter in real life when trying to colonize an alien world.

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I've suggested this idea (or something similar) and I love it. However, some of the things you suggested might be tough to code. If you don't mind, here are some alternatives that might be easier to create, yet still be challenging:

1) Radiation. Essentially you take damage if you're outside for more than a few minutes. Exposed electronics can be damaged as well.

2) Dust storms. Mind damage to you, severe damage to anything outside with moving parts like Rotors, Pistons and Wheel assemblies.

3) High gravity. Gravity anomalies mean you can't move as fast or carry as much.

4) Geysers. This is one of your ideas that I think would be easy to code. Basically a hot explosion from underground.

5) Acidic atmosphere or rain. Slowly damages EVERYTHING not under heavy armor or blast door blocks.

It should be noted that these and many others could be applied in space as well.

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